Meet Michelle

Background Information

Yes We Can Sir is a dedicated group of community volunteers which was formed in June 2012 to assist in raising funds for individuals and organizations dealing with a cancer diagnosis. The formation of this organization was in response to Michelle's own battle with colon cancer and the generosity bestowed on her in the form of financial relief. Based out of Scotia, New York, our organization strives to raise funds to help alleviate any financial hardships that may arise due to the recipient's cancer diagnosis.

Yes We Can Sir has received a letter of designation for non-profit status from the IRS in September of 2013.

Our Founder & Inspiration

Michelle was a wife and mother of two young kids who resided in upstate NY. In the Fall of 2011, she began having digestive issues including stomach pains, constipation, and numbness in her back. After discussing her symptoms with her doctor, the diagnosis was stress and diet.

After a month or two with no relief Michelle insisted on further testing. An MRI revealed a mass below her spine and shortly after a colonoscopy confirmed the unbelievable diagnosis. In February 2012, at age 34, Michelle Gordon was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer.

Michelle passed away from colon cancer on New Years Day 2014. But through the end, she was a fighter and her motto was "I will not be afraid of cancer, it simply stands for...yes I can sir!."

"I will not be afraid of cancer, it simply stands for...yes I can sir!" -- Michelle Gordon

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Strength and Love

Our founder, Michelle Gordon, hugging her best friend, Kelly.

Michelle Gordon

Our Founder and Inspiration for all those fighting cancer.

Family Photo

Michelle and her loving family having fun at the beach.